Smart Recruitment : What it is & How to do it
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Smart Recruitment : What it is & How to do it

Posted On: Oct 26, 2021

Finding and hiring good talent has always been a challenge — and things aren't getting better over time. According to the research conducted by Robert Half, 95% of employers say it is difficult to find skilled professionals today than it was years ago.

But, after all, why? There are many likely reasons. Firstly, because of the profound changes in the market that has taken place in recent years. Positions that were a little prestigious just a few years ago, such as Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineers, Application Architect, have now become prominent. But, these roles demand a high skill set as they had to deal with a large number of structured and unstructured data to get insights into business requirements, spot trends, and make informed predictions based on data. Thus, reviewing these resumes manually requires an ample amount of time to invest, which indirectly impacts the quality of hire.

Secondly, many companies rely more on traditional recruiting methods. These methods use individual’s intuition to make critical recruiting decisions. This bad sum adds to the challenge.


In this context, smart recruiting could be your go to solution. By using right technology, techniques and tools correctly will be able to bring in ease to explore more candidates per vacancy and ensure finding a right fit talent. Here is how it works.


What is Smart Recruitment?

The Smart recruitment concept aims to automate the recruitment and selection processes so that recruiters and HR professionals have a more strategic way of choosing the best talent.


In recent years HR professionals are relying on technology to create possibilities for organizations to facilitate and automate the recruiter's operational work, thus allowing a more comprehensive approach to the selection process.


AI powered hiring solutions like Zyre allows you to have a control with all information centralized. Thus, it is possible to find the ideal professional to meet the company's needs and reduce costs. Another advantage is that the process will be more assertive, providing a positive experience for candidates.


How to embrace smart recruiting

Arranging smart recruiting is a relatively easy process; it’s just that you should know where to begin, and its results are incredible.


Check out for some tips below.


Remote interviews

The growth of remote work opened space for several procedures to be carried out at a distance, which also includes the selection process. With certain video application tools, this helps conduct interviews online which inturn facilitate a much more dynamic selection.  It also enables breaking the geographic boundaries while evaluating talent from other states or even countries. Zyre’s AI tool can even help you conduct bot enabled interviews which help you save time and now you would spend time only with more relevant candidates.


This is particularly valuable for those kinds of jobs which do not require talent to be physically present at any offices.


Develop a smart talent pipeline

Think of the smart talent pipeline in the following way: a digital environment, which has a detailed record of a series of talented professionals who, at some point, can be useful to the enterprise and fill the open vacancies.


By building your talent pool, it's faster and easier to recruit the right people. After all, you already have a channel to contact them directly. In other words, you'll have a good amount of professional records that you can take advantage of at the right time.


It is also necessary to consider the talent pools offered by recruitment and selection platforms. In many cases, they are also up to date and can act as an add-on to your bank. This way, you will have more chances of getting it right in the contract.


Rely on right HR Analytics techniques

The entire recruiting process involves a series of important decisions, such as which positions to advertise, when to do it, and how. Smart Recruiting would give you access to right HR Analytics techniques, to improve the results of each of these decisions, generating benefits for the company.


HR Analytics which are built with data orientation helps you move over traditional dynamics, based on intuition and hunch, and bet on a more modern, consistent, and well-oriented HR.


This concept fits smart recruiting perfectly. After all, by using data from previous recruitments and even from the market, it is possible to extract powerful information and insights to improve the process.


Make use of Social Media

Currently, Social media platforms are the most used platform by people and companies to promote their products and present themselves in the limelight. Thus, this can be an excellent way to get to know your candidates a little better, both for better and for worse. Platforms such as Facebook, Linkeden, etc helps you know more about his personal and professional backgrounds, including his job interests.


Benefits of smart recruiting

Smart recruiting offers advantages both to candidates and to the company that applies the process. Here, we are highlighting the main ones:


More interactive process

Having a platform to conduct the recruitment and selection process, the interactivity with the candidate increases in the first phase itself. And, also it offers a much richer experience for future employees, which already leaves a great impression of your business and strengthens the brand. With the platform, you are not limited to having only one place to register your resumes. You can apply behavioral profile tests, advertise vacancies, share interesting content about your company and further encourage the professionals about your company culture.


Screening of resumes in a smart way

As mentioned in the benefits above, the use of technology allows the application of advanced and customized tests. Thus, the screening of resumes is more detailed. Simply and quickly, the professionals' data is filtered according to the characteristics of the vacancy, allowing the recruiter to carry out an advanced analysis on the candidate's level of suitability.


Smart recruiting allows you to create a fit rule according to your need. For example, resumes with more than 50% adherence remain in the process. And with that, the selection of candidates gets more assertive and faster.


Data security

The digital world raises a huge concern about data security. Even more, with the General Data Protection Law, this will come into force in 2021! Within intelligent recruitment, by automating processes, data is saved and registered within the online platform. This reduces the risk of losing important information in addition to being a safe and confidential environment. Because, only people with authorization will be able to manipulate this data, and in a selection process, only the necessary data are required to identify the candidate's abilities, characteristics, personality, and behaviors.


After all, you don't need to save all that data unnecessarily.

How can Zyre provide a smart recruitment and selection process?

Zyre is one of the most advanced AI based software platform which helps you to use smart tactics in recruiting.  With this, you can reduce the time spent choosing the next employee by up to 5 times.


In short, Zyre offers state of the art Intelligent Hiring Software that automates and optimizes the hiring cycle - from job posting to shortlisting for interviews.  Want to know more about Zyre reach out to us on


To Conclude

Investing in smart recruitment is no more an option it has deep impact on business as it helps acquire and retain the right talent. Go ahead and find in technology a powerful ally to get talent recruitment right.


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