Automated Resume Parsing: First step to smart recruiting
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Automated Resume Parsing: First step to smart recruiting

Posted On: Aug 26, 2021

One of the first—and most important—steps in the hiring process is resume parsing . The CV screening consists of reviewing the CVs provided by the candidates and assessing at that moment if the candidate is suitable for the vacancy offered. In this sense, a well-structured screening with clear objectives speeds up and guarantees more quality for new hires. According to recent studies, a recruiter spends about 20-30 seconds per resume. This is where an automated resume parsing process - specifically an online recruiting platform — is essential, especially in a scenario prone to hybrid and remote hires Many factors can influence the recruiter when making decisions: fatigue due to the volume of CVs already reviewed, discriminatory elements, different sources of candidates, incomplete information, etc. In this sense, the chances of prematurely ruling out perfectly valid candidates are very high. Compared to the traditional model, automated platforms based on Artificial Intelligence allow the screening of a significant volume of documents in a fraction of a second. To help you understand how technology can support candidate screening, we have prepared this article.

Ways of doing resume parsing

Although the fundamental objectives of a good CV screening never vary, its execution can be carried out in two ways, depending on the requirements of each company:

Manual CV screening

The manual resume screening process usually takes place in the following order: first, the recruiters post a job offer on one of the job portals or professional social networks that exist on the web. They then receive the relevant resumes and review them one by one. It is the most traditional method, and still, many companies follow it. Scanning each resume manually requires a lot more time and effort, due to which there are chances of having hiring mistakes.

Automated CV screening

Curriculum screening using a platform or automated software occurs when recruiters rely on a computer program to optimize the search for candidates. An automated platform allows you to select the CVs that come to the company based on a set of keywords that have been pre-defined according to the company's requirements. This enables even massive selection processes to be approved with ease.

How automated resume parsing can benefit your hiring process

To make life easier for recruiters and HRs, companies can (and should) invest in recruiting platforms and software. This streamlines the process and prevents the person responsible for selection from suffering from excessive activities or making mistakes.

Automated Screening

Resume parsing is one of the most troublesome tasks for an HR manager. It requires a mandatory check at the information of each candidate checking the prerequisites before selecting. There is also a need to analyze each person's education and professional experience. There are so many best-automated recruitment platforms available on the market that assists in this activity through an automated screening. Thus, with just a simple command, it is possible to automate the resume parsing process and optimize the whole process in few hours. This way, the team does not need to waste time doing a repetitive task that can be easily automated, with an in-depth analysis with the required keyword.

Organized and unified process

Having all the data organized in one place, such as the talent pipeline, guarantees the recruiter agility when it comes to screening résumés. This type of multiplatform solution gathers all the necessary information about the professionals, optimizing the work of the person responsible for the selection process.

Source of the best talents

What sources do the most qualified candidates come from? To answer this question instantly the AI-based platform makes all the difference. Thus, the recruitment system points out the origin of each one, bringing significant benefits:
  • Expense Reduction: knowing where the best professionals come from, you can only disclose job boards that generate results.
  • Agility at work: through the initial filtering of resumes, the number of applicants to be analyzed for the next stage of the selection process will be smaller, providing higher speed in finding the most qualified candidates.
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Provides certainty and well-structured data

A significant problem faced in many selection processes is the apparent subjectivity with which candidates are analyzed. Often, HR and managers diverge during the selection process and, therefore, there is no basis to support the choice of one candidate or another. In turn, automated parsing can analyze thousands of information from all applicants in just a few seconds. In this way, it is much easier to compare candidates and find out which ones have the most suitable profile for the open position. Decreasing this subjectivity factor and increasing clarity and certainty in hiring, the company's turnover tends to decrease. This ends up avoiding the rework of the HR team and reducing costs since it will not be necessary to carry out a completely new selection process for a vacancy that was filled a short time ago. By relying on more diverse assessments, you ensure that you're hiring the best people for each position — and you'll have what it takes to prove it. In addition, the software considerably facilitates the comparison between each of the candidates so that they can be analyzed in different skills and abilities in a more dynamic and agile way.

Manages history of all candidates

Being you, as the person responsible for the selection process, can you remember the names of all the people you interviewed in the last year? Or, the month before? On average, a recruiter interviews 4 to 8 people in a single day, this equates to around 1,500 people in a year. With so many applicants and resumes, it is impossible to remember them all. Therefore, having a track record of candidates is essential. With the help of software aimed at managing people, it is possible to have this benefit. Look:
  • Do not select a candidate who has already been interviewed for the same position, for the same company except in the case of reassessments.
  • Enable the mapping of candidates.
  • Demonstrate how the professional has evolved since his last contact with the HR sector. If he has improved, it is worth separating his resume and making a new evaluation for a new open position compatible with the profile.

How can streamline your resume parsing process

With Zyre's recruitment and selection platform, Perfect Recruitment, you find the best candidates. This is because the system has Artificial Intelligence and filter tools to optimize the process. Combining several advanced options, you can search for professionals by region, salary requirement, level of education, and a multitude of other parameters. Among the many benefits generated by using an automated tool, we have listed a few so that you can understand other ways how Zyre impacts recruitment and selection:
  • Streamlines the processing of resumes
  • Optimizes screening time
  • Quickly organizes and qualifies candidates
  • Makes the selection of resumes much more complete and accurate.
  • organize resumes by folders.
  • Makes recruiting and selection much more strategic.
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