AI in remote hiring: The future of recruitment
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AI in remote hiring: The future of recruitment

Posted On: Sep 8, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic brought light to an issue that was already attracting the attention of people and companies: the importance of technology for work routines. And, this includes the use of Artificial Intelligence in remote hiring.

Remember when AI technology was a trend of the future? Today it is part of our reality, especially for Human Resources professionals. Faced with the need to optimize various processes, AI arises. Learn about the advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment and Selection in the HR sector.

You know that the Recruitment and Selection process is all the stages of finding and selecting suitable professionals to fill the company's vacancies, and relying on technology is to increase the quality of selection and the organization's positive results. Continue reading the article and understand the advantages of using AI in this process.

Artificial Intelligence and remote hiring

The use of artificial intelligence is already saving time (and money) in different fields and markets as well as starting to allow HR teams to be able to evaluate the best candidates in different ways: search for suitable candidates, make contacts, lead preliminary interviews, evaluating CVs, managing an interview in the best possible way, taking care of routine tasks and bureaucracy.

Let's see some possibilities in detail. Based on factors including the required skills and experience, AI can be used to efficiently sort and select candidates based on their CVs. In short, it is one of the most efficient ways of finding talent.

A recent study found that 46% of companies struggle to find and attract the best candidates for their positions. The algorithms of artificial intelligence can evaluate huge volumes of resumes (both online and offline) to find the best candidates based on experience and skills. Once identified, they can send personalized messages to candidates deemed promising to manage the next steps.

With an intend to clarify this issue, here we have separated the 4 main points that recruiters need to understand about AI and that will revolutionize the future of R&S. Check out!

Artificial Intelligence helps in the pre-screening of candidates

AI is designed to reduce or remove time-consuming activities, such as manual resume parsing. That's because 52 percent of talent acquisition leaders say the hardest part of recruiting is selecting candidates from a large number of applicants.

Artificial intelligence applied to the screening of candidates came to solve this problem definitively. Using hiring data such as performance and turnover to make recommendations on hiring new candidates, and using automatic resume parsing technique, recruiters can rank candidates with the highest adherence to a given vacancy. This gives the recruiter time to focus on the candidate's behavioral analysis and cultural fit.

More efficient selection and reduced hiring time

With AI-based recruitment platform, the selection process becomes more democratic i.e. the choice is not made by the recruiter's intuition but based on data, probabilities, skills, and competencies. Personal characteristics are set aside, which gives greater reach and includes minorities in the labor market. Also, the hiring time is shortened. If in the past this process took weeks or months, today the recruiter can reduce this time considerably, as technology allows a more strategic and assertive look.

Unbiased hiring

The AI ​​can assess data points around successful employees and objectively determine the best hires from a talent pool. Recruitment artificial intelligence can be programmed to ignore demographic information such as gender, race, and age to increase the opportunity to get more diverse candidates fairly for everyone.

For instance, the best candidate is not the one who has graduated from the best university, or is fluent in 3 languages, or has got the best grade in logic tests. With the use of artificial intelligence, recruiters can find out more clearly which candidates have more adherences to a given vacancy. This is where can evaluate the candidate regardless of the standard gender, ensuring a fair and diverse selection process.

Artificial Intelligence will make recruiting and selection more human!

As mentioned in the text, recruiters today often review resumes manually. This ends up taking a lot of time and, naturally, leads recruiters to make mistakes and bias the process - no matter how hard you try not to.

The use of artificial intelligence in selective processes came not to replace the job of the recruiter but to make this job more human.  How old you are or what your skin color is not essential! The only question is who the system will rank higher based on its merit. And that changes the whole game!

Now recruiters can focus on people and not on their resumes - they will assess their personality, their values, and their adherence to the company's culture. Recruiters will be able to focus on the experience of the candidates, and at the same time, they will have time to take care of their own experience as a recruiter.

Final Words

Everyone already knows that technology has advanced and made our lives easier, but the advantages of artificial intelligence can be felt right when it is applied in the remote hiring processes. So, are you already using this innovation in your sector?

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