Ways Artificial Intelligence brings agility to the HR operations
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Ways Artificial Intelligence brings agility to the HR operations

Posted On: Aug 20, 2021

About 70% of the recruitment process for a professional begins with an analysis of the candidate's profile. Soon after, there is the evaluation of resumes. When the HR team performs the selection manually, the work demands more time and greater use of professional resources, on an increasing scale depending on the competitiveness of the position. On the other hand, the application of solutions related to artificial intelligence (AI) brings agility to the HR operations and speeds up the initial phase of the process In this post, we will explain better, how AI can bring agility to the HR process to optimize their time and how automation tools make all the difference in this management. Are you interested in the subject? So, read on.

Impact of AI for organizations and collaborators

For organizations as a whole, AI creates countless possibilities, the main ones to be highlighted are: the reduction of the chances of errors in the processes, enabling a previous risk analysis, and the agility in the execution of tasks. On the collaborators' side, artificial intelligence (AI) in HR can also have positive impacts. Since HR working well, the reflex is actions more focused on people management. Thus, employees can have more feedback, based on information provided by artificial intelligence, can develop new skills, with training suggested by the AI, and the consequence of this is faster and more effective professional growth.  

Ways Artificial Intelligence provides Agility to the HRs in recruitment process

The automation of HR processes has many benefits, but the main one is, of course, the optimization of time. That is because, as we have already mentioned, the sector's routine is full of repetitive tasks that demand time and workforce. Most of these tasks, however, can easily be delegated to artificial intelligence. Below, we explain further the advantages of investing in Artificial Intelligence in the Recruitment Process.  

Agility in processes

Through artificial intelligence in HR processes become more agile. A good example of these facilities created by artificial intelligence is in the recruitment and selection processes. Since the company can do without the time of evaluating and selecting thousands of resumes, since the system performs a prior analysis, with data crossing between information and keywords, with the resume itself, and selects the professionals that most fit the function.  

Increases Productivity

Another advantage of artificial intelligence in HR is that industry productivity becomes higher. Because virtual assistants are ready to take up several bureaucratic and operational tasks while HR managers can focus on more strategic issues.  

Cost reduction

Before artificial intelligence in HR, it was common that many professionals in this sector needed to work overtime and in many cases the company increased its workforce to be able to meet all the demands of the area. However, with artificial intelligence in HR many operating costs have been reduced. Processes considered repetitive are now automated, such as the selection of resumes, reducing time and consequently eliminating unnecessary expenses. In addition, with an assertive choice of candidate, with the help of artificial intelligence in HR, the chances of that employee leaving the company later are reduced, avoiding expenses with severance pay and new selection processes.  

Increased problem-solving skills

Finally, process optimization also helps in solving problems, as it helps the team to increase its perception to act preventively. This is because the software allows the team to better understand the processes and map the risks, enabling the creation of action plans in case something happens. Thus, HR can act more quickly and accurately, solving problems without the sector's productivity falling.  

How can HR optimize its time with Zyre.ai?

Automating processes is the best way to optimize time and ensure more efficiency for the HR sector. For this, the department can rely on Zyre, an AI-powered smart recruitment platform that combines operational and strategic tasks. Do you want to better understand how this tool can help your company? We list some of its main differentiators. Check out!  

Quickly analyzes data and create reports

The platform also allows the HR manager to track important metrics more quickly and efficiently. Thus, the platform provides data and reports on the capital spent in the department, as well as the capital generated through productivity and other forecasts. In this way, when opening the program's dashboard, the professional can more easily monitor the company's current productivity and turnover levels.  

More agility in selection processes

Using Zyre, HR can also streamline selection and recruitment processes, which demand a lot of time and end up overloading the department's professionals. Thus, it is possible to eliminate paper resumes and leave the screening process electronic, allowing the candidate to make their own registration and carry out a behavioral profile assessment. In addition, you can use the "Analyze Teams" menu, which uses the People Analytics tool to enable the manager to understand a little more about the team and understand which profiles fit the position best. Finally, the tool can be used to automate parts of the selection process, such as chatbot interviews, online tests, and feedback's, creating pre-defined and customized templates.  


Throughout this article, it became clear how artificial intelligence brings agility in HR processes, directly affecting the results of companies today. Organizations that do not catch up end up lagging behind their competitors, in addition to allowing the bureaucracy to dominate them. On the other hand, companies that value the automation of their processes are strategic, have greater decision-making power, and are more assertive.

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